Einstein Lectures

Titleimage: Einstein Lectures

Einstein Lectures 2016:

Martin Hairer – Taming Infinities

Martin Hairer managed to calculate how flame fronts spread on a burning sheet of paper. He received one of the highest awards in his field for his discovery: The Fields Medal. The 41-year-old Warwick professor, who is focusing on stochastic partial differential equations, gives meaning to seemingly impossible equations.

Martin Hairer is a mathematics professor at the University of Warwick – and so is his wife. Even during his school years growing up in Geneva, the Austrian Martin Hairer developed sound editing software («The Swiss Army Knife of Sound Editing») for which he was awarded with the «Schweizer Jugend-Forschungspreis» in 1995.

At the Einstein Lectures 2016, Martin Hairer talks about how mathematics enable the entire and absolute understanding of physical processes and how infinities can be tamed.

Picture credits: The Royal Society


We would like to inform you that during the event there will be audio recordings and video shoots. The University of Bern may use this material for future reference.